Renaissance Dental Hygiene Study Group

 Renaissance Dental Hygiene Study Group

Renaissance Dental Hygiene Study Group     RDH 2017-18 Academic Year Schedule

 Renaissance Dental Hygiene Study Group


The focus of The Renaissance Dental Hygiene Study Group  is to expose Registered Dental Hygiensts to comphrensive treatment planning by providing a unique educational bridge between didactic and clinical programs. The goal is to add orginial and more powerful programs than traditional continuing education offers.

RDH seeks to meet the following objectives

      • Hygienists will become more comfortable with complex and comprehensive treatment planning.

      • Hygienists will share and learn within the group through discussion and case presentations.

      • Hygiensts will be informed of new products, techinques, tratment concepts and modalities.

      • Hygiensts will be able to commecome more comfortable with the treatment of complex and  comprehensive cases