Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum


Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum 


  CDEF 2017-18 Academic Year Schedule


The Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum  (CDEF)  is a study club affiliated with the Seattle Study Club, a leader in the field of dental continuing education. The focus of the group is Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Dental Treatment Planning.

The Mission of the CDEF is to provide a high quality education bridging between didactic and clinical programs in the concept of "university without walls".  Membership is by invitation only and is limited to thirty-five committed individuals.

         CDEF seeks to meet the following objectives

      • Improve treatment planning expertise

      • Become more comfortable with the treatment of complex and comprehensive cases

      • Share and learn within the group with discussions and case presentations

      • Be informed of new products, techniques, and treatment concepts and modalities

      • Provide doctor/staff training in patient management, patient education, and interoffice communications

      • Enhance the coordination of treatment and communication between restorative dentists, specialists, laboratories, and patients


              To learn more about our group, please contact Dr. Constantin Farah, Director, or Randa Farah, Coordinator at 330-418-2920

              Center for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Care
              4410 Executive Circle NW, Suite A Canton, OH 44718
              Phone: (330)494-7004 URL of Map