Opioid Epidemic Seminar 2017

opioid Epidemic meeting

Judge Jodi Witalski

Judge Jodi has witnessed first-hand the devastating effects surrounding interpersonal violence and substance abuse and dependency within our families, our children, and our communities.

Appointed by the governor to the bench in 2010, Judge Jodi immediately became a leader in the fight against synthetic drugs and the opioid epidemic in Michigan.

Among numerous other endeavors, she was recognized for her distinguished service and contributions to Michigan’s State Drug Treatment Court Advisory Committee in the Legislative Council and founded the nationally recognized North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court. She is proud to have contributed as a consultant to the 2016 PBS documentary, “Invisible Wounds,” which focuses on veterans and PTSD. She was unanimously selected to receive the statewide, first ever “Integrity in Our Communities” Award and began a not-for-profit called RADEO, the Regional Anti-Drug Education and Outreach organization, which achieved state and regional accolades.


Bob Stutman

Bob Stutman made a 25-year career as one of America’s highest profile drug busters. Bob, as head of the DEA’s New York office, the administration’s largest, had become so visible, a Colombian cartel had at one time targeted him for assassination.

Considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on drugs, Bob speaks to thousands of people a year about today’s prescription drug epidemic and describes the paradigm shift from a society that abuses illegal drugs to a society that abuses pharmaceutical drugs.

Bob shows what we’re up against and how we can empower and protect our patients, our communities, and our practices from what is one of the greatest health issues in the U.S. today. He has traveled across the country and the globe speaking with and consulting to medical professionals, parents, students, communities, corporations and veterans.